Always Encourage beginners, remember we were all beginners once.

 When dancing near beginners - be mindful and courteous and don't show off.

Always be gracious and apologise if you bump someone even if it wasn't your fault.

If the floor is crowded, take small steps, enjoy the company, but watch for collisions.

If you wish to start a different dance to the track that is being played,

 please do so at the back & only if there's room.

Always show your appreciation to your DJ or Bands. They have provided your entertainment.

Always leave outside edge for couple / partner dances.

Never walk across the dance floor, always walk round the outside.

 If you start a dance late then start on outside or at the back.

Never carry food or drinks onto the dance floor.

Never stand on the dance floor chatting or hog the floor to perform.

Never let children run onto the dance floor. 

If you bring children then please look after them.

Never show off with High kicks and turbo turns or let your feet and elbows become dangerous weapons.

And finally,

keep your head up , keep smiling and most of all

 enjoy yourselves !